Variable Speed Pool Pump Controller

The iSAVER-X Inverter is a low cost solution designed to greatly reduce the running costs of pool circulation pumps and improve the efficiency of swimming pool filtration.

Swimming pool pumps invariably run at higher flow rates than necessary. iSAVER Inverter technology enables you to control both pump flow-rates and pump run times.

Swimming pool pump energy conservation is evolving, it’s now possible to reduce the running costs of your pool pump by as much as 60% simply by linking your existing pool circulation pump to an inverter and reducing the pump speed.


Product Features

Longer Life Span
35 Running Speeds Choices
4 Timers for 24-hour Operation
First Touch Screen Frequency Inverter
Up to 80% Energy-saving, 25% Quieter

Cost Effective Solution

Depending on individual cases, payback time can be less than 12 months.
Here below is a rough calculation as to how much you can save a year with an iSAVER+ swimming pool pump inverter installed.

Households with a 50m³ swimming pool is typically equipped with a 1HP (input 0.746kW) pool pump.
Electricity price (per kWh) €0.2 per kWh (Source: Eurostat (nrg_pc_204))

In a seven-month swimming season, expenditure per year €752.
After installing an iSAVER+ inverter the system, expenditure per year €169.
Annual Savings = € 583

Product Features

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