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ACO® Active Catalytic Oxidiser

What is ACO®?

ACO® is a highly innovative, ecofriendly liquid product, especially effective in any outdoor pool, including salt water pools. ACO® has two main features:

  • ACO® increases the natural disinfection power of the sun
    • Free Radicals are produced to amplify the oxidation of the sun.

ACO® Active Catalytic Oxidiser

Product Features

Much clearer water (up to 50% less turbidity)
Saving of inorganic chlorine (up to 40%)
Less combined chlorine (up to 50%)

Use the Natural Power of the Sun

ACO® is an Active Catalytic Oxidiser that works by using the energy of the sun or UV light to catalyse the formation of free radicals to disinfect pool water. The radicals work just like chlorine to remove pollutants but they do not form combined chlorine.

ACO® is not consumed in the process, it just makes what happens natuarly much more efficient. ACO® also protects chlorine from photolysis by sunlight and makes it last three times longer in outdoor pools. ACO® does the same as cyanuric acid, but instead of reducing oxidation capacity, ACO® amplifies the disinfection of water.

Product Features

How to use ACO®

You can apply ACO® in two ways:


  • The easiest way is to dose it manually directly into the pool.
  • The shorter the dosing interval, the better:
    • Weekly: 1 l per 100m3 of pool volume
    • Monthly: 5 l per 100 m3 of pool volume
    • Every 2 months: 5 l per 50 m3 of pool volume


  • Dose ACO® with a dosing pump into the pipe after the filter. Dosage: 1 ml/m3 water circulated
  • At the beginning, add 1l per 100m3 of pool water manually into the pool

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