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Aquagem Technology Limited is the first leading full inverter pool pump company core staffed by senior professionals with more than 20 years of experience. We design, develop, manufacture and market value-generating inverter pool pumps that are seamlessly integrated with innovating inverter technologies of ensuring reliability.


Product Features

Full Inverter by InverSilence® Tech
Up to 15 Times More Energy-Saving
Up to 30 Times More Silent
Power Consumption Reading
Intelligent Full Touch Controller


Product Features

Full Inverter by InverSilence® Tech
Up to 10 Times More Energy-Saving
Up to 25 Times More Silent
4 Timers for Daily Operation
Power Consumption Reading

InverSilence Technology

The pump is the heart of the swimming pool. For decades, people have had to endure the high energy consumption and high noise of single-speed pool pumps.

To overcome this dilemma, Aquagem has developed lnverSilence technology, the leading technology for addressing noise and inefficiency in pool pump applications.

It combines with full inverter technology, volute hydraulic system and DC brushless motor, not only allows the pump to run intelligently between 30~100% capacity to fulfil different applications like filtration and backwash but also reduces the sound level more than 30 times and saves up to 90% energy.

Full Inverter Technology

The inverter drive can precisely control the pump speed cycle by cycle. It allows the running capacity to be automatically adjusted between 30~100%, which is the most energy-saving and silent.


Volute Hydraulic System

The noise is isolated by the
volute structure which makes
more turbulence-free flow at
lower noise levels compared with the traditional diffuser-type pool pumps.


DC Brushless Motor

With a DC brushless motor that ensures the pool pump runs with much less noise, higher efficiency and more durability.



Intelligent Full Touch Controller


AI/MI mode optional

Auto Inverter mode:
After setting the water flow, the pump could automatically detect the system pressure and adjust the running capacity.

Manual Inverter mode:
The running capacity can be set manually according to different application needs.

External Control

RS485 modbus, Digital input, Analog input, Relay output.

Power Consumption Reading

Flow reading

One-click backwash

Product Specifications

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