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APF® All Poly Floc

Multi Spectrum Coagulant and Flocculant

APF® (All Poly Floc) is a combined product which doesn’t only contain flocculation components but coagulation components as well. It contains 5 active components and therefore covers a wide spectrum (Multi-spectrum).

APF® in combined with AFM® and a ZPM will achieve the best possible filtration performance.

A Dryden DAISY® system will remove all particles down to nominal 0.1 Micron.

APF® All Poly Floc

Product Features

Removes as much particles and bacteria as possible from the water
Removes Phosphates that are necessary for the growth of algae and bacteria
What is filtered out doesn't have to be oxidised -> reduced chlorine consumption
Works perfectly together with AFM®

What is Coagulation & Flocculation?

Coagulation is the process of dragging chemicals out of solution to form a colloidal suspension of small particles. In order to make coagulation work, APF®must be mixed instantly and aggressively with the water, this is why we designed the ZPM. If a ZPM is not used, the coagulation stage is missed and APF® jumps to flocculation.

Flocculation is the process of bringing the colloidal suspensions of small particles (skin cells, bacteria and parasites) together to form larger particles or floc that can be easily removed by AFM®. APF® imparts a positive charge to the particles that are now attracted to the negative charge surface of AFM®. Flocculation takes several minutes and the particles are very fragile, so the water must not be subjected to aggressive agitation.

How to use APF®?

  • APF® should be dosed constantly to the water at a very slow flow rate. 0.3 to 1 ml of APF® is injected per m3 of water circulated through the filters.
  • For best results, APF® should be injected directly into a  ZPM, located between the pump and the AFM® filter.
  • The pH should be neutral, alkalinity should be greater 40 ppm and the total hardness above 100 ppm for best results.
  • Only peristaltic pumps such as the Dryden Aqua Floc-Dos pump should be used. Do not use diaphragm or solenoid pumps because they do not give a continuous flow!

Dryden DAISY®
Filter Circulation.

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